Gil Cohen – Melodic Improvisation

I strive to be a melodic improviser. My goal is to convey feeling in everything that I play. And through performance, I share the good feeling I get creating the music, with all of you listening to the music.

Don Ferrara, the master teacher of jazz improvisation, has mentored me in this art of playing jazz trumpet. Previous to my intensive, and long tenure with Don, I studied at the Dick Grove Music Workshops in Studio City, CA, and at the Jazz School in Berkeley, CA.

I am influenced by all the players who exhibit outstanding innovation, intensely swinging time, and remarkable lyricism. In particular, I listen to Charlie Parker, Lennie Tristano, Lester Young, Chet Baker, Roy Eldridge, and Zoot Sims. I have built, with Don’s guidance, and through these influences, my personal expression of melodic improvisation.

My lifelong striving enables me both to express myself as a player, and to imbue my students with the same enthusiasm.